Alex Mashinsky and the companies he has built have been featured in such publications as Forbes, the New York Times, Business Week, and The Economist, as well as numerous trade journals. Some articles and videos that highlight some of Alex's thinking and accomplishments:

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Alex has been a featured speaker at over 120 conferences around the world.
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NY Venture Summit, July 20, Alkemy presentation.
The Art of Risk Taking
Listen as Alex Mashinsky, a seven time startup founder, introduces new entrepreneurs to the philosophy of Risk Taking and the culture that exists in the realm of startups at General Assembly in NYC.
March 17, 2009 2:45PM - 3:00PM, Cornell Club of New York.
P2P & Video Conference -- Speaker
11:45 – 12:30 Oct. 27th 2008, Los Angeles
Emerging as an entrepreneur in the current economic cpmate -- keynote speaker
Oct. 23rd 2002, InSITE Institute -- E&Y Time Square offices
Integrated Broadband Networks Summit - Speaker
March 24 2003, New Mexico
"Real-time provisioning of optical circuits in multiple carrier, multiple vendor environments" Apr. 29, 2002 New York
Optical Service Provisioning Lisbon, Feb. 7-8 2002, Portugal
Collocation & Hosting Summit 2001 (PBI Media) -- SPEAKING, October 29-31 2001, Washington DC
Capacity 2001 Europe (TELCAP), October 25-26 2001, London
KMI's 24th Annual Newport Conference on Fiberoptics Markets -- ATTENDING, October 15-17 2001, Newport, RI
Optical Network Summit (Marcus Evans) -- ATTENDING, October 14-16 2001, New Mexico
Bandwidth Trading (Marcus Evans) -- SPEAKING, October 10-12 2001, Dallas TX
Telecoms Capacity 2001 Europe (Risk) -- SPEAKING, October 1 & 2 2001, London
Optical Network Summit, April 26th-28th, Tucson Arizona
Telecom Capacity 2001 "Voice over IP/ minutes trading: a model for bandwidth?", June 28th & 29th, New York NY
Developing a Liquid Market
Alex on Panel on behalf of Arbinet TheXchange, October 1st 2001 @ 2:30pm, London.
Moving up the value chain-encouraging customers to spend more
30 minute speaker slot on 30th, October 29-31, Ominshoram, Washington DC.